Nails of the Week – Seche and Barry M Silk Effect

Seche Pink Nail Varnish and Barry M Silk Effect in blue, - Plus My Lifestyle

A Seche and Barry M Nail Varnish Review Nails of the Week – Seche (Precious) and Barry M Silk Effect (Mist) You don’t know this about me yet but amongst my friends and family I’m well known for my oddities, one of which is my love for, well, odds! – In this case, odd nails. To confuse things more I’m not even symmetrical with my odds most of the time 😛 This week I decided to go with Seche in the colour Precious, it’s a really lovely shade of pink. It’s … Continue reading

Best and Worst Dressed at the GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards 2014

Best and Worst Dressed, GLAMOUR Women of the Year Award 2014 Logo

So on Tuesday night it was the GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards 2014. This is the time of year where GLAMOUR Magazine celebrates women (and one award for the men ;p) in all aspects of the public eye. The categories for the GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards 2014 are: UK Solo Artist, Fashion Designer, TV Personality, Film Actress, Presenter, Hero, Editor’s Special, Man of the Year, Entrepreneur, International TV Actress, Theatre Actress, Icon Award, UK TV Actress, Writer, Band, Accessories Designer, Breakthrough, Radio Personality, Film Maker, International Solo Artist, Comedy … Continue reading

Bigger Girls Can Get On The Celebrity Crop Top Trend Too!!

Forever21 Raglan Crop Top, Plus My Lifestyle

The crop top has been a very prevalent trend this early summer among the celebrity masses. This trend comes around again every few years or so and each time it does I look at all the designs and wish I could wear at least one. I must admit though that I don’t think I ever could. To wear a crop top you have to be quite body confident, which I’m really not, but I know that lots of ‘bigger girls’ out there are – so why shouldn’t you be able to … Continue reading

Bristol – Surakhan Review – Korean Restaurant

Bristol Korean Restaurant - Surakahan - Outside View - Sign

So this is the last of my Bristol articles. As you probably know by now, I went down to Bristol to celebrate my friend’s graduation from the University of Bristol. While there we went to the restaurant that she worked at while at uni, it’s called Surakhan and its won the ‘Best Asian’ in Bristol Good Food Awards in both 2012 and in 2013 – so you know it’s good already! I’ll start with the décor. While I don’t know much about what authentic Korean decoration is, I kind of know that this … Continue reading

Hotel Review – Clifton House Hotel, Bristol

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - Outside View 2

So some of you might remember but I’ve already talked about why I was down in Bristol, in case you didn’t read it I’ll just sum it up by saying I was there because one of my best friends (pseudonym Giggles) was graduating with a Masters from the University of Bristol. Because she’s from Taiwan her family weren’t able to make it down to see her so I went instead. So, because I’m a lazy git, I needed to stay somewhere as close as possible to the city campus and … Continue reading

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Oscars Logo

  This is the time of the year when the crème de la crème gather in one place to celebrate all that goes into films and film making and award the ones who’ve done it the best – or who a select voting panel have decided on anyway (poor, poor Leo!). As always with these things the lovely celebrities – mostly A listers!!! – have obviously been preparing for weeks or even months to get their Oscars looks just right. Some of them succeeded and some of them …. well let’s … Continue reading

Film Review – The Book Thief

Cinema Review - The Book Thief Film Poster

I’m really, really into spending time with my family so when my mum and grandma said that they were off to see The Book Thief in the cinema I just had to join them. I had already seen the adverts for it and thought it looked great so I was actually quite excited.   On the way to the cinema my mum couldn’t stop raving about how good the book of The Book Thief was (I hadn’t read it but had a vague idea what it was all about) but … Continue reading

Best And Worst Dressed – BRIT Awards 2014

Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - BRIT Logo.

  In between all the shows this season for films, television and fashion, fall the BRIT Awards. This award show celebrates the best of British music and all the pop, indie and soft rock (basically anyone  who would or could be on the radio) come out to enjoy the celebrations. Unlike some other award shows, the BRIT Awards are really relaxed and fun and the speeches are never really longer than two minutes – which makes watching them much more fun. Throughout the show there are live performances from brilliant artists, … Continue reading

University Of Bristol Graduation, Being A Good Friend

University of Bristol Graduation Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol 28.1.14 047

When I was doing my Bachelor’s degree at Keele University I made some amazing friends. Two of my closest friends happened to be international students, Blondie from the Czech Republic and Giggles from Taiwan. For three years I lived with these girls and they became a bit like a substitute family for me, except I can’t remember having many arguments with them: P When it was time for their graduation (mine was the year after theirs), after three years of hard work, cramming and hand cramps, Blondie had all her family … Continue reading

Follow Up … Emma Roberts Hair

Emma Robert's Hair - Best and Worst Dressed at the Golden Globes Awards - Plus My Lifestyle

Well have you? Last week I wrote an article about the best and worst dressed at the 71st Golden Globe Awards 2014. She was, of course, in the best dressed section because she looked amazing and glamorous and from head to toe she looked beautiful. I only had one criticism about the whole look … … I thought that she needed to cut off her hair. And guess what? She did! Doesn’t she look gorgeous? I think this just below the chin length bob really suits her. In this picture she’s … Continue reading