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Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - BRIT Logo.

In between all the shows this season for films, television and fashion, fall the BRIT Awards. This award show celebrates the best of British music and all the pop, indie and soft rock (basically anyone  who would or could be on the radio) come out to enjoy the celebrations. Unlike some other award shows, the BRIT Awards are really relaxed and fun and the speeches are never really longer than two minutes – which makes watching them much more fun. Throughout the show there are live performances from brilliant artists, this year there were artists like Arctic Monkeys, Beyoncé and Bastille. But my favourite part of the whole night was watching the artists walk the red carpet. In no particular order, here is my selection of the best and worst dressed at the BRIT Awards 2014.

BRIT Awards Best Dressed

Iggy Azalea

Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - Iggy Azalea

This is the first time that I’ve seen Iggy looking so gorgeous! Normally she tries too hard to be sexy and goes WAY over the top. Here though, where it looks like she things she’s going for quite a demure look, she looks beautiful and seductive in this dress by Elie Saab. The bright red (one of her favourite colours to wear) compliments her nearly porcelain skin tone and makes her skin glow slightly. The best thing about this dress though is the extremely well thought out mesh panels  at her waist. The two elongated arrows draw inwards and emphasise her already slim waist and the flare of her notoriously voluptuous hips. Well done Iggy!

Annie Mac

Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - Annie Mac

Annie just looks amazing in this House of Holland dress! She reminds me a bit of a comic book here, she’s got the pop art inspired hot pink lipstick, the ‘bang’, ‘pow’, ‘kaboom’ speech bubbles all over her dress and some superhero-esque silver platforms. She looks young, fresh and edgy – the perfect look for the BRIT awards.

Nicole Scherzinger

Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - Nicole Scherzinger

I just want to start this by saying that this outfit is not to my taste and normally I wouldn’t include this on the best dressed list BUT this outfit just fits Nicole’s personality and taste. It’s bold, a little bit edgy and out there while being a little bit sexy. The high waisted trousers show off and elongate her lovely legs and the gold stilettos don’t look cheap (which is a common side effect of wearing gold). The leather (it could be pleather – I can’t tell from just a picture) is slightly corseted so her waist and stomach are shown off to the full and the slithers of skin you can see between the straps are very sexy. The thick halter like collar/neckline reminds me of a dogs leash so if you’re into the BDSM/kink look (which she seems to be) then this top must be a real turn on! The only thing I don’t like about this look is her jacket which I think she could just get rid of altogether.

Beyoncé Knowles

Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - Beyoncé Knowles

So I can’t find a picture of her walking the red carpet but here’s the one where Beyoncé was mid performance. Doesn’t she look stunning? The floor length dress cups her boobs, really cinches into her waist and hugs her bum and hips. You can’s see it in this picture (the only picture I could find) but the whole of both her inside sleeves is covered in an opaque black mesh panel, adding a modern twist to a classic silhouette and showing of her flawless skin. Watching her perform for the BRIT Awards I could see the sequins and diamantes were perfect at catching and reflecting the light – she looked like a glamorous glitter ball.

Kimberley Walsh

Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - Kimberley Walsh

The first word that came to my mind when I looked at this dress was ‘fresh’. Kimberley just looks head to toe beautiful. She’s chosen to go for minimal accessories, really she’s only wearing some dangly earrings and some rings, letting her dress and lipstick and matching nails do all the talking for her. She looks young, whimsical and stunning. She couldn’t have worn anything more perfect for her.


BRIT Awards Worst Dressed


Aluna Francis

Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - Aluna Francis

I love the colour of this skirt it’s actually a really warm and vibrant colour and suits Aluna’s skin tone perfectly so it’s such a shame that it was used for this Antonio Berardi design. From the start I’m not a fan of the see through mesh look (I think I’ve mentioned that before) but especially when it’s used to make bat winged supposedly formal shirt, it just looks a bit odd. It wouldn’t have been so bad actually if it wasn’t worn over a badly fitting bustier/bra. Finally I am so disappointed in this skirt! It’s far too long and it looks like at the sides it turns back into the mesh material :S

Ellie Goulding

Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - Ellie Goulding

Oh no Ellie, what were you thinking? Do you know what? I can’t even begin to describe what’s wrong with this Vivienne Westwood dress. Let’s just leave it at ‘everything’.

Jessie J

Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - Jessie J

From head to ankle I really don’t like this look. Her hair looks really like the wig we know it is (very synthetic) and I just don’t think a cheap wig (when you have the money to afford a better one) is excusable on a red carpet.  I really hate the pale lilac lipstick, the shade doesn’t suit her at all and makes her look ill. I do like the super deep vee and the way the jumpsuit shows of her figure but oh my god that Julien Macdonald jumpsuit is ugly! I can’t quite put my finger on what colour it is, is it a pale, pale pink or is it a frosted grey? Either way it reminds me of what happens to a white outfit after washing it with colours (a grossish murkeygrey).  I can’t even start on what’s underneath it but the mix of the ugly grey/pink and the red and black underneath the jumpsuit is just plain WRONG!!

Sara Cox

Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - Sara Cox

Okay, so this dress isn’t the worst dress ever but it just does nothing for her. The monochrome dress is the perfect length to show off her sexy legs but that’s really the only complimentary thing I can say about this. Rather than looking like a dress that has a hot pink panel that fools the eye into thinking the dress has an asymmetric neckline,for an added bit of quirkiness, it actually looks like Sara is wearing one dress with gaping vee and another hot pink dress underneath it. For me it just doesn’t work. The shape of the dress makes Sara look box like and the positioning of the white squares around the waist manage to cut the length of her torso causing her to look a bit short.

Laura Mvula

Best and Worst Dressed BRIT Awards 2014 - Laura Mvula

What was she thinking? This dress is just a mess! The top half doesn’t fit properly, it’s sagging and indenting in places where it clearly shouldn’t. And the bottom half …. oh god where to start? …. I like her shoes?


So that’s it! Do you agree with my choices? Is there anyone you would add to either list? Let me know in the comments below xx

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