Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Oscars Logo

This is the time of the year when the crème de la crème gather in one place to celebrate all that goes into films and film making and award the ones who’ve done it the best – or who a select voting panel have decided on anyway (poor, poor Leo!). As always with these things the lovely celebrities – mostly A listers!!! – have obviously been preparing for weeks or even months to get their Oscars looks just right. Some of them succeeded and some of them …. well let’s just say that maybe next year they should get a new stylist :S.

Here are my choices for the best and worst dressed at the 2014 Oscars ….

Best Dressed

Charlize Theron

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Charlize Theron

Charlize’s Oscars gown is gorgeous! Designed by Dior, the dress features some really cool use of a mesh layer (a really popular trend at the moment) and some dainty meshish straps. I’ve has a look at what some other people are saying about this dress and it seems that a lot of people don’t like it. I don’t really get why because I think she looks amazing (obviously) but one thing that stood out is that people seem to think these straps were supposed to be invisible. I really don’t see how they got that idea at all! Dior is amazing and experienced enough to know if you give an see through strap reinforced hems they are going to be seen. Personally I really love the creative use of the mesh trend here, both for the straps and the skirt layer.

Sandra Bullock

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Sandra Bullock

Sandra’s Alexander McQueen gown looks elegant, effortless and timeless. What I really should say though is that I only love this dress from the front, the draping emphasises her waist and gathers softly and gives her a feminine elegance and the colour of the dress makes her skin GLOW.  From the back though I just think the dress gets a bit blah. What I really, really love more than anything though are Sandra’s platinum and diamond cluster earrings – could they be any more gorgeous??

Kelly Osbourne

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Kelly Osbourne

So the Oscars red carpet was full of celebrates paying homage to Hollywood glamour. Kelly was no exception, wearing her stark white Badgley Mischka, this really simple dress would have been nothing without the gold lace drape. The bottom hem of the top, creates the illusion of a slimmer waist while the drape as a whole brings this look from pretty but a bit drab into a classy and glamorous look that makes Kelly look alluring and elegant.

Kate Hudson

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Kate Hudson

Again with a nod to Hollywood glamour, Kate chose to wear this vintage inspired Atelier Versace dress. The ivory coloured dress is also on trend with its very deep V giving this graceful dress a seductive twist without making it trashy. The cape detailing is amazing, at the front it looks to be a bit like a stylish bolero with shoulder pads but from the back it’s draping is just so perfect and luxurious. There seem to be a few stretched seams at the back of the dress but do you know what? I really don’t care! This dress is FABULOUS!!


Gabourey Sidibe

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Gabourey Sidibe

Okay, so you’ve probably seen Gabourey on my worst dressed lists in the past but that’s because she never seems to dress to flatter her figure and I’m quite a harsh critic. However, this Theia dress looks great on her! The bright purple colour reflects her really exuberant personality (if you’ve ever seen her on a chat show you’ll know what I mean)  and the millions of ruffles and texturing smooths over her  figure and helps to hide her stomach a bit and the delicate lace belt creates the illusion of a cinched waist. One of the best decisions about this dress is the extended sleeves, as a plus size girl myself, I know the upper arm can be a very unflattering area to show. The long sleeves hide the area while still fitting in perfectly with the aesthetic of the dress. And may I just say that her boobs look great!

Cate Blanchett

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Cate Blanchett

OMG Cate Blanchett looks like a glittery angel in this Armani gown! I know that I’ve seen her in something very similar before but I really can’t bring myself to care. She looks so sensational and delicate at the same time!

Amy Adams

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Amy Adams

This Gucci dress looks like it was moulded straight onto Amy’s body. Inch by inch this dress fits her perfectly and the panels on the top really enhance her normally quite petite assets (do you like the delicate way I said that?). I love how clean and streamline this whole look is but I wish she had chosen to do something a little bit more interesting with her up do. Oh well, you can’t have it all.

Worst Dressed

Julia Roberts 

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Jullia Roberts

Okay, I know Julia Roberts has had a really tough time of it recently so I feel really quite guilty about including her in this list but I really couldn’t bring myself to leave her out.  We’ve all seen Julia before so we know she has a really enviable figure, so how on earth does this Givenchy dress manage to make her look a bit fat and frumpy??? It just does not fit anywhere particularly around the boob area. I actually think that maybe something happened to her original Oscars dress and she had to get a last minute replacement, perhaps the only thing they had left was a dress two or three sizes too big?


Jennifer Garner

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Jennifer Garner

Why did Jennifer decide to come to the Oscars in a tassel costume Oscar de la Renta. I just think the whole look (from shoulders down – I think her face and hair look fab!!) is a little bit dated and a little bit ugly, especially the shoes. The only redeeming feature is that when she moves the tassels look quite cool, but even then the heavy lining underneath kind of ruins it.

Veerle Baetens

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Veerle Baetens


I don’t think I even need to explain exactly why this dress is awful! Please tell me you can see it too?

Anna Kendrick

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Anna Kendrick

Do you know what? I think J. Mendel really let himself down with this dress. It had huge, HUGE potential and most of it I love, in fact if I take the dress feature by feature there’s not one bit I don’t love (especially the georgeous back) but all of these features together just make the dress over the top and costume like. In fact it actually looks a bit like a very expensive Halloween dress.

Portia de Rossi

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Portia de Rossi

So while Jennifer Garner looks like a silver tassel, Portia de Rossi looks like a lace doily! She’s a very pretty woman but this Naeem Khan dress just screams NO at me.

Liza Minnelli

Best And Worst Dressed At The Oscars 2014 - Liza Minnelli

As a woman of a certain age, Liza must know that she can’t/shouldn’t go braless! Although I’m glad she’s proud of her boobs I still really don’t want to see it or her nipples! If that wasn’t bad enough the shear amount of neon blue in this outfit is just garish (although I do like the streak of matching blue in her hair – very quirky!). The trousers are far too long on her and her shoes are all wrong. Liza! You’re old enough to know better by now!!


Anyway, that’s the end of the best and worst of the Oscars red carpet looks 2014, let me know what you think of my choices!


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