Hotel Review – Clifton House Hotel, Bristol

So some of you might remember but I’ve already talked about why I was down in Bristol, in case you didn’t read it I’ll just sum it up by saying I was there because one of my best friends (pseudonym Giggles) was graduating with a Masters from the University of Bristol. Because she’s from Taiwan her family weren’t able to make it down to see her so I went instead. So, because I’m a lazy git, I needed to stay somewhere as close as possible to the city campus and after doing a bit of research I decided on the Clifton House Hotel.


Clifton House Hotel Review - Google Map

As you can see it’s in an ideal location, right next to the campus (that’s the big area in the middle shaded brown). Booking was easy but they don’t have an online system yet so you have to phone them up and do it over the phone, I spoke to a Sabrina who was very nice and very easy to deal with. I paid £75 for a Standard Twin room for one night. The original plan for the graduation was that me and Blondie (also mentioned in the other post) were going to see Giggles graduate but Blondie got really ill (she’s fine now don’t worry!) and had to cancel. I really didn’t feel like staying in a twin bedroom all by myself so I phoned up and asked if I could change it to a double bedroom as they were the same price. Normally hotels can get a bit huffy about this type of change (especially because this all happened on the same week I was to go there) but whoever I spoke to that time, I didn’t really catch their name this time, was extremely lovely about it! If you’re interested in their room tariffs they’re all here.

I got a confirmation email about an hour later (which is a bit late for me tbh) which gave me a few extra details:

  • Check in is from 2pm to 9.30pm
  • Check out is from 9am to 11am
  • Breakfast is from 7.30 to 9.00am
  • Reception is closed from 9.30pm

I had already phoned and told them that I’d like to check in at 12.30pm and check out at 1pm the next day and they had no problem with that and no extra charge either – brill!

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - Outside View

Picture taken from

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - Outside View 2

Picture taken from


So after a long drive getting there I was quite tired and a little bit moody but after seeing how lovely and historic the Clifton House Hotel looked I perked back up again. The weather was terrible though so all my outdoor shots looked a bit crap so I’ve taken them from their website instead.

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - Car Park

Picture taken from

There is parking provided by the hotel and when I was checking in there were quite a few spaces free but I did struggle later on when I tried to park at night (about 10pm ish) so just be aware of that.

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - Entrance View

From the moment I stepped into the hotel I could tell that they clearly took care of the place and that it had a hell of a lot of character, just check out that stripy carpet!! Checking in was very easy I just had to fill out a small form and then I was given my key. Again though be aware that there is no lift so you have to take the stairs. Because the building is quite old it has those quirks that come along with it, the stairs tilt a bit so if you’re a bit unsteady on your feet make sure to hold on to the bannister. I did think it was a bit weird that no one offered to help me with my bag especially as I was on the top floor (2nd floor) but it wasn’t too big a deal so I didn’t really care too much.

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - Double Bedroom View 2

When I go to my room the first thing I did was kick off my shoes (as you can see) and have a quick look around. The room is really small I’m not going to lie, but at the same time it was really light and airy. Both of these pictures were taken from the door and you can see that on the immediate left there was a decent size wardrobe for hanging up your clothes and plenty of hangers were provided.

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - Double Bedroom View 1Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - Double Bedroom View 3

There were also two bedside drawers and a writing desk (although that was a bit squeezed inside there and not really practical) as well as some complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits.  There was also a wall mounted flat screen and free unlimited wi-fi.

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - En Suite Bathroom View 2

The en-suite bathroom, although small had plenty of room and I was practically in towel heaven. Normally I feel a bit stiffed by how many towels hotels give out but I had loads and they were huge too (just what a plus size girl like me needs!!).

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - En Suite Bathroom View 1

There were a few little bottles of complimentary shampoo, conditioner, soap and a shower cap which was nice and everything was sparkly clean. I have to mention though that only one thing let it down, when I needed the loo (sorry for being so indelicate) and lifted up the lid I was hit by a waft of odour. It wasn’t from waste but I think from the water itself, really not pleasant but as long as the lid was down there’s no problem.

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - Double Bedroom View From the Window 2

The view from my window was not that great but it’s a city hotel so I really couldn’t expect much. It’s also not Clifton House Hotel’s fault that my view was their next door neighbours building work and port-a-loo :S.

Okay so what was the night like? There isn’t double glazing on the windows but that didn’t bother me at all, maybe that was because there wasn’t much traffic but really I don’t know. The walls between the walls were a little bit thin and I could hear vaguely what was happening in them but it was at a low volume so it was very bearable. The shower was lovely, quite powerful and I had as much hot water as I needed, the tap was a bit funny though and I only got it on and off by luck not logic (I’m still not sure if that’s because I was being thick though). The bed was very comfortable and I had real difficulty getting out of it in the morning because it was so comfortable and I wanted to stay in it all day (my idea of heaven by the way – a whole day in bed!). I had a slight issue with the wi fi, both the network and the password were readily available for me but I just couldn’t get it to work and I’m still not sure why that was.

Lastly, and this was a proper fluke, my nice peaceful night was really interrupted. Quite late, and I can’t quite remember what time this was but perhaps around 11.30/12.00 ish, the smoke/fire alarm went off. Everyone poked their head out of their rooms but we didn’t really know what was going on, after a while one of the hoteliers (there are two from what I could gather and one of  them always stays in Clifton House Hotel overnight) finally managed to shut it off (there was no actual reason for the alarm btw). After all the excitement I managed to mellow out a bit and went to bed, just as I was trying to get to sleep the alarm went off again, this time I was slightly annoyed but at least the hotelier was quicker this time. About ten minutes later the alarm went off again and I can tell you I wasn’t the only one who got annoyed about it. The hotelier came back upstairs and shut it off again and finally explained that the reason this was happening was because one of the rooms next to me had a leek above their fire alarm setting off the alarm – very annoying but it really wasn’t something that could have been predicted. What I will say though is that the next day when I was checking out the hotelier lightly apologised about the alarms and even though I accepted their apology straight away I was and am still slightly surprised that no compensation was offered.

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