My Best And Worst Dressed At The National Television Awards 2014

Best and Worst Dressed - National Television Awards 2014

    The National Televisions have come around again for its 19th year, taking place in the London O2 this is one of the only award shows where every single winner is voted for by the public which is great because what’s better then being able to decide for yourself who actually deserves to win… on the other hand you have no one else to blame if someone crap wins :S The television celebrities came out in force, I have to admit most of them were well dressed but nothing really … Continue reading

Thai Curry Recipe

Thai Beef Recipe - Beef, Spring Onions, Garlic, Lemongrass, Chilli and Thai Sauce Stock

This zesty Thai curry recipe with beef is really easy to make and tastes great served with a plate of rice. I would actually recommend preparing all the ingredients before you start cooking because otherwise you’ll be in a rush, especially if this is the first time you make this recipe. If you’re not that great with chilli or you just want a thicker creamier sauce add 8 tablespoons of natural or low fat natural yogurt after it has finished cooking and is off the heat.   First you need to add … Continue reading

Get The Look … Kelly Brook

Get the look .... Kelly Brook on Plus My Lifestyle Blog

This stunning black lace dress flatters Kelly’s curves perfectly (although I wish she’d pulled it down at the back for the second photo). Although Kelly’s got a lovely hourglass figure, this type of dress suits most body shapes and is highly customisable. I love this type of dress in black as a statement peice and she’s matched the look with patent heels and nude make up. I love the look a lot but I really wish she had a bit of colour pop somewhere… Personally, I own quite a few … Continue reading

My Best and Worst Dressed at the 71st Golden Globe Awards 2014

Golden Globe Awards Logo - Plus My Lifestyle

As you all probably know, it was the 71st Golden Globes Awards on the 12th. Whilst the celebs were prepping and primping for their grand entrances after what must have been at least a month of planning what to wear, there was very nearly no red carpet for them to debut their looks on. You may have heard but there was a sewage leak all over the red carpet – so gross!!! I can’t help but think that even though they managed to clean it up in time, the celebs were still … Continue reading

Shoes, Glorious Wide Fitting Shoes!

  Oh my! I am in shoe heaven!!   Evans has just released some new clothes and shoes for January, so there was I casually browsing their new stuff and liking what I saw when I went into fangirl ecstasy!!   Evans has four new platform court heels, two in standard practical colours, black and nude:     Both of these shoes are great, practical but good looking and you can wear them for any occasion! The heels are 2 1/2″ and are available in wide fitting and extra wide … Continue reading

The Adult Vs The Child

Lego model

  When I was younger I always thought I was quite mature. I was (and am) a major bookworm so my vocabulary was a bit bigger than my friends’, and the adults around me noticed and commented a lot. I had a quick mind (which has slowed down a lot 🙁 ) and a quick wit (which has stuck with me and gotten me into trouble more than once!) and I was constantly having to either dumb myself down or explain what I was talking about to children the same … Continue reading

Fun Times With The Cousins And A Simple Cupcake Recipe

Basic Cupcake Recipe

  I love my little cousins and dote on them a lot! I knew that two of them (Princess, aged 8 and Mr Tetchy, aged 6) were going to spend the day with me so I thought they’d have a nice time helping me decorate some cupcakes. I made the mistake of telling Princess before she came what I was planning and I was given a strict order, I needed to make plain cupcakes, chocolate chip cupcakes and chocolate, chocolate chip cupcakes. I was also told I needed to make … Continue reading