Hotel Review – Clifton House Hotel, Bristol

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - Outside View 2

So some of you might remember but I’ve already talked about why I was down in Bristol, in case you didn’t read it I’ll just sum it up by saying I was there because one of my best friends (pseudonym Giggles) was graduating with a Masters from the University of Bristol. Because she’s from Taiwan her family weren’t able to make it down to see her so I went instead. So, because I’m a lazy git, I needed to stay somewhere as close as possible to the city campus and … Continue reading

University Of Bristol Graduation, Being A Good Friend

University of Bristol Graduation Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol 28.1.14 047

When I was doing my Bachelor’s degree at Keele University I made some amazing friends. Two of my closest friends happened to be international students, Blondie from the Czech Republic and Giggles from Taiwan. For three years I lived with these girls and they became a bit like a substitute family for me, except I can’t remember having many arguments with them: P When it was time for their graduation (mine was the year after theirs), after three years of hard work, cramming and hand cramps, Blondie had all her family … Continue reading

The Adult Vs The Child

Lego model

  When I was younger I always thought I was quite mature. I was (and am) a major bookworm so my vocabulary was a bit bigger than my friends’, and the adults around me noticed and commented a lot. I had a quick mind (which has slowed down a lot 🙁 ) and a quick wit (which has stuck with me and gotten me into trouble more than once!) and I was constantly having to either dumb myself down or explain what I was talking about to children the same … Continue reading