Nails of the Week – Seche and Barry M Silk Effect

Seche Pink Nail Varnish and Barry M Silk Effect in blue, - Plus My Lifestyle

A Seche and Barry M Nail Varnish Review Nails of the Week – Seche (Precious) and Barry M Silk Effect (Mist) You don’t know this about me yet but amongst my friends and family I’m well known for my oddities, one of which is my love for, well, odds! – In this case, odd nails. To confuse things more I’m not even symmetrical with my odds most of the time 😛 This week I decided to go with Seche in the colour Precious, it’s a really lovely shade of pink. It’s … Continue reading

Bristol – Surakhan Review – Korean Restaurant

Bristol Korean Restaurant - Surakahan - Outside View - Sign

So this is the last of my Bristol articles. As you probably know by now, I went down to Bristol to celebrate my friend’s graduation from the University of Bristol. While there we went to the restaurant that she worked at while at uni, it’s called Surakhan and its won the ‘Best Asian’ in Bristol Good Food Awards in both 2012 and in 2013 – so you know it’s good already! I’ll start with the décor. While I don’t know much about what authentic Korean decoration is, I kind of know that this … Continue reading

Hotel Review – Clifton House Hotel, Bristol

Clifton House Hotel - Bristol - Outside View 2

So some of you might remember but I’ve already talked about why I was down in Bristol, in case you didn’t read it I’ll just sum it up by saying I was there because one of my best friends (pseudonym Giggles) was graduating with a Masters from the University of Bristol. Because she’s from Taiwan her family weren’t able to make it down to see her so I went instead. So, because I’m a lazy git, I needed to stay somewhere as close as possible to the city campus and … Continue reading

Film Review – The Book Thief

Cinema Review - The Book Thief Film Poster

I’m really, really into spending time with my family so when my mum and grandma said that they were off to see The Book Thief in the cinema I just had to join them. I had already seen the adverts for it and thought it looked great so I was actually quite excited.   On the way to the cinema my mum couldn’t stop raving about how good the book of The Book Thief was (I hadn’t read it but had a vague idea what it was all about) but … Continue reading